Ruby Debug Adapter Protocol

This gem provides models, parsers, and formatters for the Debug Adapter Protocol.

Updating Definitions

The converter script can be used to convert TypeScript definitions from the DAP specification to Ruby classes. To regenerate the Ruby classes, set PRETEND = false in the file and run echo <spec> | ruby convert.rb - or ruby convert.rb <spec-file>. If the input contains multiple files, convert.rb expects them to be separated with \n\n// ---\n\n. All of the specs can be extracted at once by running the following in the browser JavaScript console:

$('.language-typescript').toArray().map(x => {
    let t = x.innerText;
    x = $(x);
    let s = [];
    for (x = x.prev('p, ul'); x.length; x = x.prev('p, ul'))
        s.unshift(...x.text().split('\n').filter(x => x.indexOf('Values: ') != 0));
    if (!s.length) return t;
    return => '// ' + x).join('\n') + '\n' + t;
}).join('\n\n// ---\n\n')